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Updated Version of Marshall & Swift/Boeckh's Residential Component Technology (RCT) valuation tool for Geovera and Pacific Select Insurance Company 

Residential Earthquake Program


Maintaining accurate replacement costs is critical to ensure that your clients have enough coverage to rebuild in the event of a loss.  To help achieve this, GeoVera periodically updates the version of Marshall & Swift/Boeckh's Residential Component Technology (RCT) valuation tool.  Implementing the most recent version of RCT will result in an average increase in replacement values of 8% in California (for both GeoVera and Pacific Select Property), 3% in Oregon and 3% in Washington.  Please note this is only an average as some values will increase more and some less.  This is not a rate change but only an update to the MSB RCT tool and has been implemented for new business effective April 29, 2013 and renewals with effective dates of June 28, 2013 and later.

Keep in mind, with each renewal we include a Property Detail Page (PDP), which clearly displays the information we used to calculate the coverage(s).  The insured should always review this information for accuracy and, if they notice an error, make a correction to the PDP, sign and return all four pages. Or, you may correct the PDP and sign on your insured's behalf (if you have their permission).
New Business Quotes - Please Note: If edits are made to any quotes produced prior to April 29, 2013, the quotes will be updated using the newer version of RCT. This may result in a change to the amount of coverage. 


A Top Ten List of Reasons to Transfer CEA policies to EQ Insurance Services with June McCue, Residential EQ Specialist. See the video below!

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Producer Forms have been updated to the latest markets! Please head to the Producer Forms section of the website for your downloadable forms.

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